The next element to configure is the Process, which is the top level configuration element where all Integrations are contained.
  • Navigate to [ws] Unifi > Configuration > Processes > New.
  • The fields to be configured in the Process record are as follows:
# Field Description Value
1 Name The name of the ServiceNow process being integrated. < SN Process Name > (i.e. Incident)
2 API Name* The unique name of this process for use with the API. < your_unique_api >
3 Target table The primary target or process table that this integration uses. ‘Incident’ [incident]
4 Reference field The field on the target table that is used as the reference for the external system. ‘Number’
5 Stage table** The table for storing staged data. < lookup: Stage table ‘Name’ >

*API Name

The API Name is how we identify which Process we are integrating with. The Scripted SOAP/REST Service will reference the API Name (which is why it is important for this to be a unique reference).

**Stage table

All Integrations for this Process will leverage the one Stage table.

Your Process form should look like this:


  1. ‘Save’ the record.
  2. Click ‘New’ in the Integrations related list to move on and configure the Integration.